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  • Antártica: La Aventura de los Sueños
  • By Nicolás Gildemeister Budge
  • November 2016 (Spanish)
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Dallas News

Dallas News
  • Antarctica ‘Air Cruise’ Will Give Your Bucket List a Bump
  • By Mark Sissons Connect with Mark Sissons
  • June 2016
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Calgary Herald

  • Finding Other­worldly Adventures and Serenity in the Antarctic Circle
  • By Emma Chilchrist
  • May 2016
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  • How to Dress for Winter Like a Street Style Star
  • By Sofía Sanchez de Betak
  • January 2016
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  • Three Ways Into Antarctica
  • By Sandra Allen, Debbie Pappyn and Sophy Roberts
  • April 2013
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class touriste

class touriste